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The Ascended Masters: Who Are They and How Can They Help?

You may have encountered the term “Ascended Masters” while learning about energy healing, archangels, or other spiritual matters.

Ascended Masters are high-vibrational, enlightened Beings of love and light. They are the highest evolved Beings in the spiritual hierarchy, surpassing guardian angels and spirit guides.

Who are Ascended Masters?

We are talking about Jesus, The Mother Mary, Buddha, St Francis, Vishnu, St Germaine, and the list goes on. If you get to experience a connection to one of these Ascended Masters, it will be a life changing experience.

The roles of different Masters may be varied, but their purposes are the same: assisting humanity on our own ascension, and to increase our awareness of the spiritual forces that permeate the Universe. 

Whether you realize it or not, you too are an Ascended Master in the making. People have the ability to ascend to the highest level. But it can only be achieved through many challenges, positive life choices, rebirths and lessons.

Each Ascended Master has completed many lifetimes of experience on Earth, and has undergone a series of spiritual transformations, which can also be called “rebirths.”

Through the process of personal growth, self-awareness, making intentional and consistent positive choices in the face of difficulty, and using their will to override their human DNA’s negative expression (such as anger, fear, or disease) they achieve what is called “self-mastery.”

Self-mastery is the process of evolving and becoming more and more enlightened. And at the end of that self-mastery journey is leaving the body and ascending to the spiritual plane - i.e., becoming an Ascended Master. 

In other words, Masters face similar or even more difficult life challenges than the rest of us, and in the midst of those struggles, CHOOSE to express themselves as the full magnificence of All That Is.

Before delving into 22 Ascended Masters and their roles, it is important to know three concepts that explain who and what makes them unique:




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