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Yesterday we were asked if our store is dog friendly and the answer is YES 🐶


Witches are most commonly pictured with cats, but the truth is, many magical folks are drawn to all kinds of animals, including dogs.

A number of gods and goddesses are particularly linked to dogs, including Hecate, who is often depicted with black dogs, and Diana, known as the Huntress, who is usually accompanied by her hounds. Anubis, the Egyptian jackal-headed god shown in photo is sometimes portrayed as taking the form of a dog instead. Numerous Celtic deities are also associated with dogs, including Cerridwen and Nuada.

Dogs are loyal, smart and trainable, so they make good companions. But can they also be familiars, just as cats are? Of course they can. As with felines, canines often chose their “owners” and may or may not be magically inclined.

TRY THIS: If you have a dog that shows an interest in your magical work, invite them into your circle and see if the dogs presence lends your work more power. Just be careful not to expose the animal to anything that might be hazardous, and make sure the dog participates because they are inclined to do so, not because you think it would be cool to have a dog as a familiar. After all, Hecate may be watching ... and if she has to make the choice between the dog and you, she will probably pick the dog 🐕

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